How lucky we are to be alive right now

The hardest thing about a car accident is that it's exactly that - an accident. On Thursday morning I was in a serious car accident when a driver ran a red light and hit my car head on. I didn't... Continue Reading →


I’m a YouTuber?

I mean, I don't really know... But I did post a Storytime video today. Take a gander. In less than 10 minutes I will cover my scariest paranormal experience, the time I got possessed, and (most importantly) how I got... Continue Reading →

What’d I Miss?

Life has certainly changed for me since the summer when I was able to post on this blog twice a week. In my last post, I spoke about my new job and explained that I would likely not be blogging... Continue Reading →

Taking Chances.

I am back from the dead with another blog post. I promise that my absence was not without a good┬áreason. Life has been moving incredibly fast for me. All it took was one late-night text message and within two weeks... Continue Reading →


GISHWHES is done which means it is now time to post my week full of shenanigans on social media. This year I was part of Team WaywardMoose. It was a fantastic experience and I felt as though our team worked... Continue Reading →

Growing up… and out

I think it's finally that time. I'm 21, I'm finished school, I have a full time job with benefits and I own a car. As terrifying as it may be... I'm an adult. Something clicked in my head the other... Continue Reading →

Is anybody out there?

My task today seems simple. I am supposed to identify my target audience and write a post that I believe they would enjoy. This is definitely an important step to blogging and marketing oneself as a blogger. It's hard for... Continue Reading →

Detailed Review: St. Topez Gradual Tan In Shower

At my job, I am responsible for stocking the Beauty department. This can be very dangerous because I see the new products as they come in and when I see something really intriguing my will power dwindles. This was the... Continue Reading →

Blogging 101

Things are going to look a little bit different around here. I am participating in blogging 101 through wordpress as a way to challenge myself and really get inspired to make this blog exactly what I want it to be.... Continue Reading →

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